Laura Pellizzari lives and works in Loreggia, Padua. Her family background, characterized by an artistic tradition, soon led Laura to approach the world of art. She experienced her creativity comparing different materials until she has been seduced by the sinuous materiality of clay, by the harmony and beauty of form. When she was very young she began working with clay and, during the 80’s, she concentrated on ceramic materials. Then she brought back to light the ancient passion for color and specialised on the techniques of glazes and raku.

Her educational and cultural backgrounds are in the liberal arts. Her passion for teaching is an essential component of her profession, that led her to organise school projects and events related to various forms of artistic expression. Thanks to a constant attention to Humanistic Psychology, she decided to take a course at the ‘”Person-Centered Approach Institute” which is inspired by the thought of the American psychologist Carl Rogers (1902-1987). Rogers stated that every individual has an inherent tendency towards personal growth, aging and expression of all his potential: this is called the actualizing tendency (Rogers, 1983). In that moment, Laura realised that she could access to her latent creativity through her research. Furthermore, she understood that her art was a way to self-emancipation, personal freedom and achievement. Her exploration of remote places began. So her sculpture lost some of its initial hedonistic trait and acquired more and more the depth of psychological inquiry.